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Keep track of the situation at points of sale without having to leave the office

Smart Shelves

A remote POS inventory and monitoring solutions provided by Smart Shelf Solutions, LLP


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Access your points of sale without having to leave the office!
We are the ambitious group of telco practitioners with deep experience in radio, communication, project management, marketing and electronics. We will suit each product to personalize it on a low level. 
Remote inventory monitoring. Remote sensory systems. Smart shelves for FMCG retail, such as bottlers, tobacco industry, retail. Monitor your shelves, fridges and backwall units right from your desktop or your mobile. Receive alerts and plunge into analytics and reports. Audio monitoring of personnel dealing with customers. 

According to numerous surveys*, the worldwide index of issues related to out-of-stock stands for 8%. While in Russia and CIS such index stands for 17%. To us these 17% appeared to be an opportunity.

Our Partners are able to, remotely observe the current state as to their retail shelves, see planogram violations and follow sales (offtake). We taught the equipment to automatically make out orders; we learned to understand what means the most, and which is the least important item.

Meanwhile, 80% of demands pertaining to smart retail are being met by means of monitoring those base functions, such as: out-of-stock measurement, temperature level and power control.


Always customized intellectual devices that have no analogues and which will depict the true story as per each point of sale.

Adaptive and Seamless

We customize our, invisible for end customers sensory equipment , an make it work seamlessly with your retail equipment.


We deliver the remote inventory ecosystem within large companies and chains.


We both offer our own analytical solutions and capacities and integrate our data into your own systems.

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